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Robotic Dinosaur Ugobe Pleo Info

Robot Dinosaur Ugobe Pleo Info

Ugobe Pleo is a quality robot dinosaur toy that will provide you with hours of fun. The Pleo Life Form also has over 100 custom-designed gears, and 14 motors for highly-articulated movement. Each motor has a force feedback sensor that makes them sensitive to forceful grabs at the dinosaur's legs, neck, tail and torso, causing him to shut down during trauma to avoid internal damage. Pleo will actually react to being hurt, perhaps exhibiting a limp, and can recover over time depending on the level of nurturing you exhibit. Ground sensors allow Pleo to know when a foot is on a solid surface or when he has been picked up, while tilt and shake sensors allow him to know if he has fallen or is being held upside down. The sensors will also wake him up after he has fallen "asleep." Both front and rear speakers even enable Pleo to communicate via cute honks and hoots, as well as other fun and natural sounds.

Pleo's mechanical, electronic, sensory, and AI systems help bring the robotic device to life. View larger.

Ugobe Pleo is powered by an internal, rechargeable NiMH battery that takes about four hours to charge and provides approximately an hour of active life. This power supply features a battery level indicator that causes Pleo to feel very tired and slow down, so you know precisely when he needs to be recharged. Pleo has two 32-bit microprocessors for central and image processing, and four 8-bit sub-processors for motor control. This robotic life form also has multiple built-in data ports, including a mini USB port for online downloads, an SD card slot for Pleo add-ons, and the infrared transceiver that allows Pleo-to-Pleo communications.

This Ugobe Pleo comes in a green color, weighs 3.5 pounds, and stands about 7.5 inches high and 21 inches long when on all fours. Pleo is rated E for Everyone and is designed for older children, teens and adults. (As Pleo is a highly sophisticated product which evolves into an inquisitive animal that requires attention and care, it is not considered suitable or intended for children under eight years of age.) The Senario Pleo is backed by a manufacturer's limited 90-day warranty, but user's should note that it is intended for use only in dry, indoor locations.

What's in the
Ugobe Pleo Box - Pleo A Ugobe Life Form in green, a companion's guide, a training leaf, a Pleo identity card, an NiMH replaceable rechargeable battery, and an AC charger

Those fascinated by robots or dinosaurs will adore Pleo, the dinobot. Green and cute, he is much more than a remote control toy. Pleo reacts to his surroundings in a similar manner to Sony’s Aibo robot dogs. He has a camera in his head, microphones for ears, and sensors in his feet – along with 14 motors so that he can shuffle about with a convincing prehistoric plod.

When he’s awake,
Ugobe Pleo reacts to and even learns from external stimuli. Call his name and he turns towards you; hurt his foot (you beast) and he limps for a few moments. Apparently, Pleo will exhibit moods or even a persona depending on how he’s treated by his owner. In terms of what he is able to do, he will progress through three stages of development, from hatchling to juvenile, as you play with him. Feed him with a plastic leaf and he’ll purr contentedly. Deny him food for long enough and he’ll start to wail.

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November 21, 2018
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