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Ugobe Pleo Robotic Dinosaur

Ugobe Pleo Robotic Dinosaur

This cute loveable robotic dinosaur Ugobe Pleo is going to be a much sought after toy this Christmas. Here on this Ugobe Pleo fan website you can compare UK prices and check in stock UK Suppliers.

Those fascinated by robots or dinosaurs will adore Ugobe Pleo, the dinobot. Green and cute, he is much more than a remote control toy. Pleo reacts to his surroundings in a similar manner to Sony’s Aibo robot dogs. He has a camera in his head, microphones for ears, and sensors in his feet – along with 14 motors so that he can shuffle about with a convincing prehistoric plod.

You will also be able to find out all about Ugobe Pleo and why he is such a sought after gadget this year.

DON'T SPEND more than you need to! Simply compare Ugobe Pleo toy prices using our up-to-date product pages listed below.

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Ugobe Pleo Toy Robotic Dinosaur at I want One Of Those .Com

Ugobe Pleo Toy Robotic Dinosaur Product Details

Ugobe Pleo is a toy dinosaur that will entertain adults as much as children. See Ugobe Pleo at the famous I Want One Of Those .Com. IWOOT's product description for Ugobe: Never before has an electronic pet been so utterly engaging. Every Pleo dinosaur is unique. Yup, unbelievable as it may seem, each one begins life as newly hatched Camarasaurus, but the moment Pleo has an owner he begins to develop his own personality, moods and habits based on how much time you spend with him and how you interact with him, just like a real pet, but without the mess.


As we all behave differently, so do our Pleos. Ugobe Pleo's super-advanced internal sensory system is bristling with receptors for sight, sound and touch, enabling him to move autonomously and explore his environment without requiring any remote control unit, making him so much more like a real pet than any old R/C robot. Ugobe dinobot movements are delightfully organic, from sniffing his environment, to blinking his eyes, stomping his foot, and a multitude of other super-realistic movements, and he even hoots and honks if he's feeling playful or happy. Pleo Dinosaur's behaviour will be a combination of nature and nurture, if he cowers in fear at something, he'll need comforting and re-assurance, if you leave him alone too long he'll get lonely. The more experiences he has, the more confident he'll become, and just like you, he can change his mind in the blink of an eye.

The dinobot has an internal battery which will give him an hours run from a four hour charge, and you'll know when your dinosaur needs 'feeding' as he'll get tired and lazy - and possibly a bit irritable if he's really hungry. He starts life as a baby, and his character will mature over time, how fast he develops and what sort of Pleo he becomes is entirely up to you, and how you treat him. An utter gem of scientific brilliance.

More About Pleo Dinosaur

Pleo dinosaur is a one-week old infant Camarasaurus from the Jurassic period. Camarasaurus were born and raised in giant fern forests. They evolved camouflage that allowed them to blend with their environment of ferns, moss and ruff, the detritus that littered the forest floor. The first Pleo dinosaur created is a Fernback. His markings help him to survive by hiding among the giant fern fronds in his habitat.

Pleo is an authentic animatronic Life Form. Treat him gently like any other living thing. Your Pleo will let you know how he feels at any moment. That's because he is capable of actual emotions including joy, aggression, sorrow, and fear. He can also yawn, sigh, sniff, sniffle, snore, cough, hiccup, and sneeze.


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November 21, 2018
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