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Robotic Dinosaur Ugobe Pleo Info

Robotic Dinosaur Ugobe Pleo Info

The best part of owning a Pleo dinosaur will be working out how he'll react to certain events such as putting things in his mouth and in his field of vision as well as clicking your fingers around him.

Also, if you stop giving Pleo stimulation he'll take a nap. You better be careful that you don't have any scared pets around as he'll walk off on his own from time to time.

Ugobe the dinobot is basically a super cool Robotic Dinosaur. Those who are fascinated by robots or dinosaurs will adore Pleo, the dinobot. Green and cute, he is much more than a remote control toy. Pleo reacts to his surroundings in a similar manner to Sony’s Aibo robot dogs. He has a camera in his head, microphones for ears, and sensors in his feet – along with 14 motors so that he can shuffle about with a convincing prehistoric plod.

When he’s awake, Pleo dinosaur reacts to and even learns from external stimuli. Call his name and he turns towards you; hurt his foot (you beast) and he limps for a few moments. Apparently, Pleo will exhibit moods or even a persona depending on how he’s treated by his owner. In terms of what he is able to do, he will progress through three stages of development, from hatchling to juvenile, as you play with him. Feed him with a plastic leaf and he’ll purr contentedly. Deny him food for long enough and he’ll start to wail.

When he tires, Pleo the dinobot will curl up and sleep until you recharge his battery pack. Four hours of charging provides about 90min of play, though we didn’t have the energy to test him for that long. It’s a remarkable creature but the price may persuade you to wait until this is no longer the must-have of 2007. That said, this robot dinosaur is as much an adult toy as one for children, and so it merits a grown-up price tag.

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November 21, 2018
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